Colin George is founder and CEO of ASI.

Colin_GeorgeColin holds an Advanced Diploma Environmental Management Systems, Cert IV TAE. and Certificate IV in Home Sustainability Assessment. Colin has been working in a range of sustainability areas for the past twenty-five years. Colin became interested in the Built Environment, when he project managed the building of his award winning straw bale home in Northern NSW eight years ago. He noticed that energy efficiency was still a low priority for builders and designers.

With ‘hands on’ experience as a Home Sustainability Assessor, Colin has also worked as a business assessor under the NSW Energy Efficiency for Small Business Scheme, Resource Efficiency Consultant for Sustainability Advantage NSW, trainer for the ACT government, Resource Efficiency Consultant for Businesses on behalf of the EPA NSW and contracts to the Department of Health NSW as energy efficiency consultant for Aboriginal communities. Colin has written a variety of courses, he trains nationwide and gives talks and presentations on Energy Efficiency and Solar Storage Solutions for residential and commercial buildings as well as councils and business associations. When it comes to energy use, Colin’s methodology is ‘measure to manage’ and ‘first reduce then produce’


Michael Qualmann

MichaelQualmannBefore starting his own energy efficiency consultancy, Michael established Energy Efficiency within Nickel Energy in Lismore and was their senior advisor and lead auditor. Michael holds a German university degree in electrical and electronic Engineering. He is also trained in the NABERS methodology and has worked under several government programs such as the Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program and Sustainability Advantage. He became involved in sustainability and renewable energy as early as 1986 when he built himself a solar powered car and took part in the first Solar Car Challenge in Germany. Since then, his passion for a sustainable future based on renewable energy has never left him.

Stuart McConville

 Stuart-McConvilleBA. Env. Sc. (Environmental Resource Management) Cert IV TAA
Stuart specializes in wastewater treatment, resource recovery and all aspects of sustainability. Stuart played a formative role in building the reputation and image of the Byron Environment Center (BEC). Stuart headed up various sub-committees of the BEC to implement and manage the Drainwatch Stormwater Education Project and the Cumbebin Wetland Sanctuary Project. Both projects were highly successful. The acquisition of Stuart’s 17Ha Barkers Vale property, a degraded beef cattle pasture and with skills from a lifelong love of machinery and woodwork, Stuart began to build and hasn’t really stopped.  His property is now visited by Permaculture and Conservation & Land Management trainees and held as a living example of sustainability, from building techniques such as straw bale and sawment, to living water designs and total resource recovery systems. Nothing gets wasted at Stuarts place.

Our Mission, Values and Vision

As an organisation,

  •   We are committed to improving environmental education to both individuals and organisations at the highest level of delivery.
  •   We are committed to showing respect to our employees and our clients.
  •   We are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of the planet and its people.
  •   We are committed to finding solutions to both improve business and energy efficiency.
  •   We are committed to offering challenging opportunities to staff, making work fulfilling, and developing careers.
  •   We are accountable to all our customers and act with integrity.
  •   We are focused on continually improving our own performance and working to improve customers business’ performance.